Outdoor Recliner (Kenai Spur)

Sounds crazy - but this chair saves my life in the winter. It's an ice block, after working, splitting wood - sitting in this cuts down inflammation, leg pain and back pain

I had a cold water jacuzzi tub and therapy room, business & cabin designed for a disabled person - worked hard to get it, yet my landlord and his girlfriend with the braid crown, ripped off everything I owned and I had to resort to this to survive over the last 2 Winters so I could still move, get in the firewood and function..

Someone's coming by to do a dump run next week for me - don't need anybody to haul it. It's a lifesaver against winter inflammation

So if you want this chair come get it - it's 3/4 size of a la-z-boy.

Keep a tarp over it in the winter so the snow doesn't accumulate, but waking up in the morning or after working, having a cup of coffee while the body cools back down it has been a blessing.

After we lose absolutely everything we've ever worked for to bums and thieves, while pathetic people watch, - we appreciate the little things in life. Like living pain free without doing pills.

If you want it? Send a phone number. Not fooling around - don't care to give away free stuff on Craigslist because nobody ever shows up...

Even if you don't want this chair? Try cold water therapy. It's such a blessing. And that's why my landlord took it away because we're supposed to date our landlords?

Nobody cares to leave us alone to live a happy healthy life here

The local cops protect these predators, and you're stupid enough to keep paying them t protect creeps , like my first landlord who literally traps females, 3 that we know of, tries to put them in cages ..

and the second Airbnb landlord wants s&x AND rent ...
Legitimate Airbnb landlord?

Cops love crime, get off on disabled people being assaulted & thrown down stairs so much, they don't take police reports to keep it their little secret !

30% crime rates is because they don't take police reports - they want you crippled, beaten locked in cages in Alaska

If you want a pill free way of dealing with inflammation?
.come get this chair

So you can stay healthy & defend yourself when cops 🐷 couldn't be bothered

Remember to return the favor if a Cop, lawyer, social worker, or any politician is in danger, assaulted, shot at or thrown downstairs.

Send a phone number.

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